Tip: RSS feeds

If you like using a feed reader, here are two feeds you can watch to keep an eye on PTA forum activity:

Note the order parameter is needed, otherwise the feed order will be unstable and confuse your feed reader and you horribly.

Also: in general you can try adding .rss (or .json) to any site url.

More RSS notes:

A topic which is created in a private category and later moved to a public one, will appear in the feed at that time, but with its original (private) creation time as pubDate. This can cause some feed readers (eg bazqux) and the discourse matrix notifier to ignore it.



If possible, all of these useful tips should be linked from the “Welcome” post.

Which Welcome post do you mean f-a ? I think that’s what I converted into A trial of Discourse for Plain Text Accounting discussions ? (And discarded the original content, since it seemed a bit too basic.)

Or is it a Welcome private message that’s sent to each new member ?

[Or a new pinned topic that needs creating, I guess.]

Still trying to get my bearings :smile:

Ah! There isn’t a pinned “Welcome to Plain Text Accounting forum”, yet. To that one!

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do rss feed accesses count towards the page view limit?

I am not sure if there is a page view limit, but I have had some discourse sites on rss and that did not break them!

Good question, I have asked: Are RSS feed GETs counted as page views? - support - Discourse Meta

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