This Week In Hledger 2024-06-14

This Week In Hledger 2024-06-14


I fixed an old bug with account type declarations in multiple files, and an incompatibility of --tldr with tealdeer. I automated the updating of option docs in manuals, and worked on code cleanups, refactoring, and removing tech debt. And I worked on various improvements:

  • tabular balance reports now show an outer table border and inter-column borders with --pretty, and they have better layout and headings in text and html output.

  • better/clearer command line processing

  • a config file system for next release

Doc updates: box-drawing characters, --pretty, --tldr.


The docker image for hledger 1.34 is out. And for recent discussions see:


  • I switched away from Quickbooks, years ago, to plain text accounting. Couldn't be happier. I can do everything better using hledger/ledger, git, vim and make.

  • I've switched all my accounting over to hledger (a Haskell-based and slightly more feature-filled version of the original) and I'm SUPER happy with it so far.

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