This Week In Hledger 2024-05-31

This Week In Hledger 2024-05-31


  • integrate tldr pages as --tldr

  • make help -m, --man jump to TOPIC properly

  • --color now also accepts y or n, like --pretty

  • CLI commands list and options cleanups

  • make checkembeddedfiles more robust

  • tools: just twih date fixes

  • release prep

Doc updates:

  • Unicode characters: mention UTF-8 on windows

  • update/simplify general options list

  • sync command descriptions with tldr docs

  • tldr contributing docs

  • website: properly redirect old /FAQ path; tagline tweak

  • PTA website: add first sponsor logo; mention hledger-sankey

Misc: for recent discussions, see


  • I've switched all my accounting over to hledger (a Haskell-based and slightly more feature-filled version of the original) and I'm SUPER happy with it so far.

  • A little daily-ish data-entry-and-reconciling ritual, with a pleasant tool setup, can be quite satisfying! I actually look forward to it. (That right there is part of my PTA success story. I used to suffer a lot of stress around all things finance.)