This Week In hledger 2024-05-24

Actually this fortnight, since I missed a post. Last week I finished getting hledger back into stackage nightly, fixed build errors with GHC 8.10, and updated github workflows. This week I worked on release automation, flattened and simplified page tables-of-contents on, updated/added more hledger docs in the tldr project, and fixed breakage in the script on non-windows platforms.



  • After coming from hledger, I did try firefly, but, stuck with hledger due to how amazingly powerful it is with nothing but a text input.

  • Switched to beancount ... I really didn’t lose any of my reporting flows that I had with (h)ledger... I just made scripts that convert the beancount journal on the fly, run whatever I was used to with hledger, and then delete the temporary file.