This Week In Hledger 2024-03-22

This Week In Hledger 2024-03-22


I tried getting hledger-sankey (generates Sankey diagrams of cash flows) working on my real world ledger, and contributed a patch.


Ilya Konovalov made multi-section balance reports always show a section total even when empty, fixing their CSV output. #2186

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A key advantage of hledger, and why I migrated from ledger, is that hledger internally orders transactions chronologically, whereas ledger inexplicably orders them in the order they appear in the file, irrespective of the date attached to them.–chromatin

hledger can validate date order, that seems to eliminate copy-paste-fail-to-update-date for me. --yencabulator

The reason I have hledger installed is for check ordereddates. --lvass