This Week In Hledger 2024-03-15

This Week In Hledger 2024-03-15


No hledger dev work this week. The new PTA forum continues to work well.


docker-finance, a new cryptocurrency-supporting workflow system using hledger-flow,

and the older workflows Full-fledged hledger, hledger-flow and rtrledger,

have been added at

To save time, I won’t summarise discussions this week; you can see them at: hledger

Feel free to share interesting blog posts (they don’t have to be new) at the PTA forum.


  • Way less painful than QuickBooks if you’re also a programmer or adjacent. --dmoy

  • My favorite part of the (extensive) Haskell API is Hledger.Cli.Script. It re-exports all the most commonly used functions and data types, meaning you’re just one import away from everything you need to get started.–wbadart