Should we remove the reddit category?

New posts of the plaintextaccounting subreddit are sent to the Reddit category of this forum.

I feel this is a bit noisy. It is also disturbing because the topic is not created by a member waiting for an answer and this leads to many topics with 0 replies. In my opinion it breaks the sense of belonging to a new open community and it boost more the plaintextaccounting subreddit than our new forum.

What is your feeling?


I’m also for removing it, I see the question, want to start writing a reply and then I realize it’s reddit so I’ll not respond as the original creator wouldn’t see the answer anyway.


I agree it’s at least debatable, with pros and cons.

I expect people will continue to mostly post on reddit, not here, for a while. I saw mirroring it as a transitional thing to help make that content visible here. It also starts to back up (part of) our reddit content in a more open location.

I didn’t attempt to mirror replies, though that might be possible too. I figured there’s no harm in letting people reply where they like. On reddit I said I might reply briefly there and in more detail here, and the mirroring makes that easy.

More opinions please.

I agree with @zako , breaks sense of belonging, I really don’t know what to do when I see a post that I might fancy (reply here?), when I get a notification in my inbox I am slightly unamused when it turns out to be a reddit post.

It is not that we simon cannot readd it in the future if the need arises.

Based on this feedback, and the Discourse bug that’s causing it to re-announce one feed item repeatedly, I’ve disabled the reddit mirroring for now. Alas, I thought it was a useful trick. More opinions pro or con still welcome.


I was just coming here to agree.

I actually found it useful as I do not use reddit. On two different posts the subject line caught my attention, and the message itself led me to further open the reddit link where within the comments I found a couple useful tips and commands I was unaware of that have benefited me.

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It’s something people tried when migrating to Lemmy. Just about few weeks after the great exodus and flood of new users, Reddit mirroring faded away, not only because there were plenty of users but also they were mostly pointless: no one would care to make a comment because OP’s not going to see them anyway. Didn’t really help community grow and now, some instances outright ban them.

I wasn’t aware that reddit was this much more active than any other channels though. But I think the forum has its unique value and Reddit mirror is doing nothing but diminishing it…