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Some notes on for plain text accounting folks.

  • On the recent PTA forum post referencing a question asked on the Personal Finance & Money stackexchange Q&A site, I wrote:

    It's often hard to get much traction for PTA questions over there

    By that I mean there aren't many PTA-related questions there, and if you do ask there you will feel a certain headwind, ie they are likely to get downvotes for being "off-topic", and you may have to do extra work justifying your question.

  • Here's my recent comment suggesting PTA is in fact on topic there according to on past discussions. It links to, eg:

    "Use of software for managing one's finances." is literally listed on this site's help page as an on-topic question example. (2021, 12 upvotes)

  • There is a ledger-cli tag there, with 15 questions using it.

  • There are no hledger or beancount-tagged questions yet.

  • I'm not sure what is Stack Exchange's current policy on monetising the community-built knowledge bases on their platform, eg to AI companies.

  • Stack Exchange sites are good for building knowledge. Discourse sites like this forum are also pretty good for this, in fact the two have a lot of similar functionality.

  • Posting on will get your question in front of way more eyeballs right now.. maybe. The question may get downvoted and the answers may be less PTA-aware.

  • Do you feel PTA should preserve/build its foothold on, as a Q & A resource additional to the PTA forum, PTA reddit, and website ?

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I don't use stackexchange that much but this:

is sadly so true in much of the SO/SE network. I don't know why it happens, since there are some genuinely helpful folks there. I pin it on the dark side of gamification, where there is some psychological pressure to close a question by whichever mean.

I personally am ambivalent, I don't think I have ever found an answer to an accounting problem in

Similar to Reddit's now (licensing it to OpenAI, denying it to others). Apparently they changed the content license a while back to allow this.