Payee Directive

How many of you utilize the payee directive and if so, what are the main benefits of it? I've only been using hledger for a few months now and have not determined if it is something I want to utilize.

Not me.. it would be hard to be that disciplined with payee names normally - a. most banks don't provide clean payee names and b. new ones show up too often. But perhaps there are circumstances where it could be useful.


For all expense / income transactions I am generally very disciplined in following this format:

Payee/Payer Name | Optional Description | Yet more optional description ; optional-tag:

When I pay to a street vendor, and so on, I try and follow a uniform style for the payee name. Very seldom, I have "Unknown" or "Scam" (for those scams that deposit small amounts of cryptocurrency into your account).

Unlike @simonmic and most other PTA users (I'm guessing), I enter all of my cash, bank, and credit card transactions by hand, only automating other kinds of transactions — mutual funds, cryptocurrency, pension scheme, fixed deposits, etc.