Off-topic/Thanks: Filing corporate income taxes and didn't need a bookkeeper in the middle

I didn't find an "off-topic" nor "random" tag, so apologies if this is seen as clutter. :slight_smile:

I took the plunge into PTA with hledger to draft my company's books in 2023 and to escape the torture of QuickBooks in a multiple-currency world. I am pleased to report that I have succeeded in completing my fiscal year 2023 recordkeeping and my accountants have not fired me. Moreover, I feel like I will actually have a head-start on 2024 and will be able to do gasp tax planning, rather than feeling like I'm always playing catch-up.

Many thanks for the help I've received to get me to this point! I'm a believer.


Perfectly on topic. Thanks for sharing your experience report, and congrats!

What was the conversation/data exchange with your accountants like ?

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It went fairly well: I generated a bunch of register reports per account in both plain text and CSV format and they grabbed whatever they needed. I don't know how they processed it, but they didn't complain and didn't ask for anything else.

When I asked to sneak in two more postings before the deadline, I simply pasted my journal postings into an email and they understood perfectly. The clarity of this approach really appeals to me.

I have one concern about the flexibility I have to refactor accounts, now that the accountants have got involved, particularly things such as splitting an account into subaccounts or renaming an account. I'll worry about those issues after the filing deadline has passed and they've recovered from the rush.

I hope they see me as a lower-maintenance client now.