[ledger] Anyone have a good pretty-printer for transactions?

hledger -f - print does a great job, but it does omit ledger
specific language, which i use.

ledger -f - print --sort date is fine, but the output is not very

Are there any other pretty-printers for pure ledger?

Which is that, out of curiosity ?

In Emacs ledger-mode, M-q will align your amounts (in customisable ways).

Doesn’t hledger omit ledger lot syntax?

I forget / it’s complicated, give it a try on various transactions ?

It does. Given,

2024-03-22 Thing
	cash  $-100
	asset  $100  {{=1 unit}}

We get

>hledger -f - print
2024-03-22 Thing
    cash            $-100
    asset            $100

I wish hledger would just mind its business and keep my lots :P!

Thanks, nice example. I hear you. :smile: