Learning timedot

Hi all,
I'm very familiar with journal files, but I don't know anything about timedot.

Now I have to start tracking the time spent in some project where every X hours one or more additional hours must be added.

Are automated postings allowed or simulable in timedot/timeclock files?

My best regards

Hi @trebestie, auto posting rules aren't part of timedot syntax but I see no reason why you couldn't define them in a parent journal file that includes the timedot file.

Thank you, it works

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@trebestie, all - do you think it's a reasonable policy for forum moderators to rename topics when it seems to make sense, to make them more findable in future ? Eg in this case to "Timedot and autopostings" or some such ?

Yes, renaming topics makes sense to me when the moderator sees a way to improve things.