Hledger balances and cash flows visualization

I made another attempt to produce a quick visualizer for hledger balances and cashflows and got something that I rather like.

I would be happy if others give it a go: GitHub - adept/hledger-sankey: Python3 (pandas, plotly) script to plot income vs expense money flows from hledger ledger


Thanks! I gave it a go. I did pip install pandas and pip install plotly and then could run it. With account names customised and the treemap plot commented out, I was able to see something in the browser. I have a lot of NaN in the dataframes which are breaking it. Have submitted some tweaks I found useful, if you like.

PS, searching for sankey or hledger-sankey didn’t find this topic, alas. Now it will hopefully.

Thanks, merged!

Out of curiosity, where do the NaNs come from? If I had to guess, it is probably due to commodity symbols still being there and breaking this: hledger-sankey/sankey.py at 99f24da7ffdebe0de8a2c67be24a76289e5853cd · adept/hledger-sankey · GitHub

As you can see, I have a rather dirty hack on a previous line to get rid of the commodity to which I coerce all my balances :frowning:

I hope to figure that out at another time!