Getting into tracking finances with hledger and Tiller: need help with CSV rules

I saw the plaintextaccounting site mentioned Tiller, I started the free trail and this is already nicer. I can export the transaction sheet to a CSV file, and them import it into hledger. One problem: the csv.rules files are a bit, erm, odd. ...

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I've uploaded my old Tiller rules to hledger/examples/csv/tiller.csv.rules at 21465c050b70f8649334276607aa4d96a37c4381 · simonmichael/hledger · GitHub . They and the other files in this directory might give you some ideas.

description Payee Name | a note

comment   containing a tag: with a value, and a-second-tag:

comment2  \n tags:on \n posting:two, \n one: per line

I moved from Tiller to Plaid (a free developer account) which was more automatable and IIRC was a little quicker at updating. Then back to manual csv downloading to reduce security/liability risk. Every so often I think wishfully of reactivating one or the other.

I'm afk and not sure about the comma matching, but usually there's lots of ways to match something and I often just use . (wildcard) for problem characters.