Exporting Paisa interactive visualizations

Hi, I am starting out with PTA, but I am a coder, even an recent emacs user, so I am not afraid of some coding and really enjoy the ergonomics of TUIs. I am a visual creature too however and having some clicky pointy things that react to my mouse input, is nice too.

From what I see Paisa is fits the bill most perfectly. It's beautiful, has many useful features and comes with some QoL things, that I will probably enjoy. Good job of the dev! On the go, I will probably use Nano Ledger to create the files and import them later to my big journal file.

The only thing I haven't found yet, is if I could enbedd some of the charts somewhere else eg an Obsidan markdown file and print out the visualisations without doing a screenshot.

I am willing to use R packages or Python to achieve it, if there is no simple route, but yeah. Seems like a feature that would be good2have.

Thanks for answers

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