Docker-finance | modern accounting for the power-user

Hello wonderful PTA community!

Announcing the first beta release of docker-finance: powered by hledger, hledger-flow and more.

From the “Overview”:

docker-finance empowers you with a privacy-focused, highly uniform system of financial management - but with a modern twist.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain metadata are unified with your legacy finances to create a world of best-practice accounting in a highly flexible, time-tested environment.

You can find highlights, screenshots and more in the link above.

In terms of accounting, docker-finance strives to find the fine line between personal preference and best-practice; aiming to unify the two into an ideal setting. And, as with any beta release, your eyes are needed and greatly appreciated!

Bounties are available to those who are interested as well as the option to be paid in a cryptocurrency of your choice (high cap/very liquid). If interested, please reach out through the contact section of the README.

Thank you, and a big thanks to Simon and the team for this new forum (very grateful for the decentralization)!

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