Default home page, site navigation notes

Some notes about site navigation, as of last edit:

The forum has a default home page, where you land if you visit or click the site title or press g h.

Latest lists all topics, with activity stats, ordered by latest activity or creation time. In fact there are two notable variants of Latest:

Unfortunately there’s no variant which shows topics ordered by creation and shows pinned topics at the top. (feature request)

Categories (g c) lists and explains the categories, and shows a simpler and shorter list of latest topics (ordered by creation, currently).

This would arguably be a better default home page for new visitors/members. However, on small screen mobile devices it is less useful than Latest. And it’s not yet possible to set a different home page for desktop and mobile. Also it has the same limitation as Latest, you can either see topics ordered by creation or you can see the pinned Welcome topic at the top but not both.

So I have kept Latest 1 as the default. But members can customise their home page. So if you prefer the Categories view, you can set that in your Profile > Preferences > Interface settings today.

Here are some other discourse views available:

Unread (g u) shows topics you have previously shown an interest in, which have new replies you have not yet read.

New (g n) shows topics created in the last two days, which you have not yet read.
Unread and New appear in the site navigation links whenever they are non-empty for you.

Top (g t) shows the topics that were active during various time periods. The default period shown depends on when you last logged in.

Hot lists all topics, ordered by their recent likes/replies/interactions, “like Latest but a bit smarter”.

You can flip between these views with Shift-j/Shift-k. Note they are also available within each category.

Ah heck, I enabled Top and Hot nav links also. I think we can handle it.


  • Beware of Top and Hot - keep an eye on the url being used. They seem to sometimes have the ?order=created parameter added, which defeats their purpose.

  • In the views which show activity stats (Replies, Views, Activity columns on the right), you can also click those headings for additional sort options. Eg to find something you just commented, click Activity.