Dealing with cash

Do you have particular ways of dealing with cash?

What I mean by this is that cash is more laborious to track than debit/credit cards, wire transfers etc. and could cause friction especially to newcomers to personal finance.
Even business accounting sometimes just allot a “petty cash” bucket and that is that.

Personally I round my cash expenses to the closest €, and balance any mismatch in my wallet every couple of months. I know some people have — had? — physical envelopes for cash to be spent on groceries, going out, and similar; so you could just write an entry every couple of weeks.

I am more happy to have a general idea of where the money is going than dealing with cents.

What is your way to deal with cash? Do you have any useful trick you want to share?

I assume all my expense in cash is leisure (coffee, drinks, …) and the few times I expense cash for other purposes I take a quick note with the mobile to remember it.

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I note down cash expenses using Nanoledger which I then import to my main ledger once a week.

There is always a slight diff; expenses I never entered because I did not have my phone, I forgot, did not bother etc… For those I have an account named expenses/cash/unknown. For my use case that is enough.

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My cash expenses are minimal, so I just count the cash periodically, and the difference is attributed to expenses:cash:misc …


I use a mobile application called Money Tracker. It’s the easiest one I’ve found. I track there every cash in/out operation.

You can easily export transactions as CSV. Phone Saver helps with exporting to a local file that can be pulled over USB.


I send myself signal messages of cash expenses so I can log them when I’m back at my computer.