Commands cheat sheet?

Is there a cheat sheet for the commands?

The known ones are here: Plain Text Accounting (PTA) -

..and all but one focus on file format only, not the CLI. More/better cheat sheets is a very good idea.

You'll find the core commands are similar between ledger and hledger, and totally different in beancount. I am absolutely in need of a CLI cheat sheet for beancount, personally.

Some cheatsheet-like things available at the CLI:

ledger -h
hledger -h
hledger CMD -h
tldr ledger
tldr hledger

The tldr pages (1, 2) need some love. Eg some of the example commands don't work (ledger commands 2 and 3).

hledger now has 10 up-to-date tldr entries. Ledger & beancount users, I recommend doing the same; tldr is a good counterbalance to PTA's verbose docs.