Column headings


I upgraded to 1.33 this week (from quite an old version I think), and noticed that the column headings for a balance report have changed from

2024-04 2024-05


2024-04-06..2025-05-05 2024-05-06..2024-06-05

Making my reports too wide.

I'm running it like this:

hledger -c '£ 1,000.' balance --file income.journal -pfrom2024/4/6to2024/7/5 -M

Can you explain where I am going wrong ? I just want the month in the column header, not the range.


I believe your old version was adjusting the start/end date to month boundaries, overriding the from/to days you specified. Since 1.29, hledger respects your exact from/to dates, causing the more verbose headings. You can restore the old appearance by changing that to -p202404to202408, eg.
Release notes - hledger talks more about this, let me know if it's still unclear.

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Yeah that explains what was going on.

Thanks Simon.

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