Code blocks update

I removed the max-height style on code blocks so that long pastes like the one at [repost] Example: calculating UK capital gains with ledger are shown in full. Let me know if you notice any resulting layout breakage elsewhere.

I'll add a copy button when I figure out how.

That code block is using the default auto language detection for highlighting. For PTA journals, it seems to pick ruby. This seems better than nothing for PTA journals, but it's a bit erratic. If you find any language at Demo - highlight.js that does a better job of highlighting journal entries, let me know and I'll make sure it's available.

Also, if someone feels inspired to add hledger/ledger/beancount journal support to highlight.js, that would be impactful! Related links:

Actually code blocks usually have a copy button and a maximise button, visible on mouse over. The real problem was that these don't appear for code blocks within a block-quoted region. So I un-block-quoted the code block in that topic linked above. But I have kept code blocks displaying at full height by default, since we'll use them a lot, it seems convenient, and the maximised version doesn't show highlighting.