Chaining commodity prices. I have A=>B and B=>C, reports should give me A=>C

I have some investments that are USD denominated, and most of my other transactions are in my home currency INR.

I have registered the following prices -

2023/04/01 price USD 82.18 INR
2023/07/01 price USD 82.10 INR
2023/10/01 price USD 83.04 INR
2024/01/01 price USD 83.2 INR
2024/04/01 price USD 83.44 INR
2023/07/01 price INVESTMENT 1.964 USD
2024/01/01 price INVESTMENT 1.964 USD

But it is not converting automatically from INVESTMENT to INR.

Is there any way to do this? In beancount or ledger?

That should work in h/ledger at least. Do beancount docs say it's supported ?

I didn't find anything related to this in the beancount docs. Was hoping to find something here since all my data is in beancount currently

It doesn't work out of the box in beancount, but I created a plugin which solves it (or at least the cases I needed)

Basically it will create virtual price entries out of the combination.

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