Categories & tags for this site

Continuing the discussion from Tip: Site structure:

I’m intentionally moving slowly on this. Discourse is already more, or at least differently, complicated to use than reddit, and there’s something refreshing about being able to just write, without have to think a lot about categories and tagging. And, we don’t have a lot of content yet to guide us. And, less is more. But let’s start planning.

I’ve seen advice to use tags first, and promote them to categories later when it seems needed.

I too was thinking tags for the apps. Not categories, because many discussions will apply to multiple apps. Tags, because maybe a beancount or ledger or tackler user is looking for specific examples. It sounds like a lot of tagging needed in future. But maybe it needn’t be mandatory.

Honestly I’m not feeling the need just yet - are you ?


When we do start, we can either have controlled tag creation, or unlimited (by all members).

Currently, the site is set up to allow users with trust level 2 (Member) to create tags when they compose/edit. I think y’all will start reaching trust level 2 pretty soon.

Categories can be changed only by admins I think.

Some good reading:

I was reding this today

and I think sooner or later tags/categories for hledger/beancount/ledger/etc. will be needed.

Some initial tags are there! I believe all members at trust level 1 can use them when composing/editing a topic, those who’ve reached trust level 2 can create new tags, and you moderators can add them to other people’s topics (?)