Account Directives

Out of curiosity, how many account directives and/or sub-directives do y’all have in your journals?

I currently have ~30 and feel like I could easily have more.

I may have more than most. In the 2024 journal files it’s, uh, 1362. Of which only half are being used, I have just noticed. Perhaps due for a cleanup.

(Anticipating your next question: it’s mainly because of experiments in tracking investments that generate small weekly revenues, each of which get their own lot subaccount. Excluding those, it’s currently 372.)

Most of mine are related to assets at the moment, but I think at some point in the future my expenses could easily overtake the assets. The main question is what level of granularity provides the most insight with the least effort.

And, by the way, I’m only about two weeks into my PTA/hledger journey. You have a great project here, Simon.

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Welcome @waterturkey, and thanks! Many of us have contributed, starting with John Wiegley’s Ledger.

I wrote this not too long ago, perhaps it helps:

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I’ve started adding some new account directives and noticed that running hledger accounts -t isn’t picking up the order correctly. Does anyone have any idea why this might be the case?

Using my special hledger support eyes I would say you need to add a directive for some parent account, as in hledger: Account display order.

Hmm - let me check that out. Thanks, Simon!